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2022: The Year of Paw Patrol Birthday Cakes

Our little bakery has seen quite the uptick in Paw Patrol Birthday Cakes this year. It has always been a popular cake, but lately it's really getting hot.

In case you're unfamiliar with Paw Patrol, it's a children's show that, admittedly, my kids used to love. It's about these cute little puppies dressed as things like policeman, fireman, etc and they go around doing good with their sidekick; a young boy named Ryder.

Since kids love it, and it's a very visually appealing cartoon, it makes for a GREAT birthday cake for your special someone. As I said, we've created quite a few of these fantastic little cakes. I want to walk through some options and show some examples of what we have done to date below.

paw patrol birthday cake ideas
Very Simple Paw Patrol Cake

What Types of Paw Patrol Cake Ideas Are There?

We have done several variations of Paw Patrol birthday cakes this year using both buttercream and fondant. Some were quite extravagant and some more basic, but all of them were custom cakes built to order based on customer desires.

I made a quick video to showcase some of our paw patrol birthday cake ideas and fondant figures we used in making them as well. I love making these cakes - they are a lot of fun and end up looking amazing!


Both Little Girls and Little Boys Love Paw Patrol Birthday Cakes

We had the pleasure of making a few cakes for little girls and got to use fun colors like pink and put some delicious candy on top!

Although, this popular custom cake certainly isn't unique to little girls as the little boys love it too. It seems to be very popular among the kids in the age two to five or six range.

Below I've added some more pictures of little girl cakes and little boy cakes we have done this year that are based on Paw Patrol.

A Few Ideas On How Paw Patrol Birthday Cakes Be Decorated

There are a few important decisions when looking at ideas for paw patrol cakes. The first to decide whether you want to have buttercream or fondant. This will affect the cost slightly, but more importantly the taste will be quite different.

Buttercream is silky smooth and delicious, while fondant looks cleaner but has a more sugary taste. We actually use a very high-end fondant that is delicious itself, but it's tough to compete with the taste of buttercream.

paw patrol birthday cake ideas

The next decisions is whether or not you want the figures themselves made out of fondant or to be plastic toys.

This decision will greatly affect the price; the fondant figures are edible and fun, but they are very labor intensive to make therefore the price will be slightly higher if that is the decision.

Either way, however, you are getting a beautiful, popular cake that your kid will enjoy and everyone else will admire.

How To Order Your Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

If you live in the Denver area, we would love to have the honor of making your beautiful cake for you! We have a lot of experience, and at the time of writing this, have 45+ reviews on Facebook and Google with every one being 5 stars. We go out of our way to make sure you get exactly what you want each and every time. If not, we will make it right regardless of the reason.

To get a quote, contact us on this page or head over to our Facebook page for more examples of our beautiful cakes that I am confident you will love!

Also - if you're interested in starting to make your own cakes, you'll need to start with some proper equipment. We can help out as well.. just reach out and let us know!

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