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Top Birthday Cakes for Men of All Ages

Top Birthday Cakes for Men

Are you looking for one of the most delicious birthday cakes for your man? We'll you've come to the right place. We have options for birthday cakes for the 21st birthday, 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's here below as well as multiple flavor and style options. Sit back and enjoy!

Finding the right cake for the man in your life can be a challenge. Men are different from women - in most cases, they probably don’t want the typical feminine cake decorated with swirls and floral designs.

When thinking through various ideas for the men in your life, you need to think deeply about what their interests might be. Some men love sports cars while others like to drink beer.

Some men like hitting up the gym while others would rather spend their time in the woods. All men are not created equal when it comes to birthday cakes.

Now, you could attempt to make a cake for your special someone yourself, but do you really have all of the right appliances and attachments?

You’ll want to pick the flavor first! Here is a quick list of the top flavors that men like (assuming they don't have any dietary restrictions). They range from the rather common (chocolate/vanilla) to a few ideas that aren't quite so common like lemon, carrot or trifle cake.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate birthday cake is a classic. It is sure to please any man, regardless of his tastes. Many of the most delicious cakes are built upon a chocolate foundation (German chocolate anyone?) If you are looking for a chocolate cake that is a little more unique, consider adding some chili powder or espresso powder to the cake. This will give the cake a real kick and make it stand out from the rest.

Chocolate cakes are a fan favorite with almost everyone... but some might prefer something else. If that's the case, keep reading.

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Ahh vanilla. The classic. The trusty flavor who's always there for us. While not the most exciting, vanilla is a solid (and popular) choice for birthday cake. Vanilla cakes can come in a few varieties like white cake or yellow cake.

The main difference is white cake uses primarily egg whites while yellow cake uses the whole egg. This gives the cake its color, although the flavor will likey be the same. Vanilla cake is always a very solid choice if you are unsure of which flavor to go with.

Now that we got the two basics of the birthday cake world out of the way, let's get into the good stuff your special birthday party really needs.

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Another in a long line of delicious cakes is red velvet cake. It's a southern classic that is perfect for any man with a sweet tooth. This delectable cake is topped with a cream cheese frosting and is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

It's a very popular option for all, but especially for men. There's something about it that he's sure to love.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a staple of many men's desert desires. This scrumptious cake is moist and has a cream cheese frosting to die for.

If you’d rather skip the (somewhat cliched) chocolate and vanilla options, why not consider a caramel cake? How about lemon? Even a trifle cake can serve as unconventional options to help make the day special.

Other honorable mentions.. ice cream cake, a flourless cake option like cheesecake, or angel food cake are all great options.

Regardless of what flavor you go with, and we have plenty at Happy Cakes, let's look at some of the designs you can wow him with for his next birthday party.

To find the best birthday cakes for men, be as personalized as possible in your approach! And if you’re still looking for inspiration, this list of the best birthday cakes for men should give you some great birthday cake ideas.

21st Birthday Cakes for Men

Sports / Video Game Cake

A cake honoring their favorite sport or video game is a great way to celebrate the 21st birthday of the sports lover or gamer in your life. Most men love at least one sport; basketball, football, or soccer.

If their sport is a little more unconventional (a cricket birthday cake?!) it may be slightly more difficult, but still worth the effort to see them smile.

The Beer Cake

The obvious choice.

Do you have a man in your life who loves beer? Why not surprise him with a beer cake on his special day? This type of cake can be made with any type of beer.

There are so many great options for 21st birthday cakes for men! If your man is into sports, you could go with a cake that features a sports car or other sporting equipment.

If he’s more of the outdoorsy type, consider a cake with an image of the wilderness or camping gear.

No matter what your man’s interests are, there’s sure to be a great birthday cake option that will fit him perfectly. Be creative and personalize the cake to make it extra special!

30th Birthday Cakes for Men

Ah, the 30th birthday - so young, yet still so far from retirement! Yet it’s still important that you find a way to ring in your guy’s special day. These cakes should help!

Dad Cake

Is your birthday boy also a dad or a dad to be? What do dads like? Well, I hate to make this article all about alcohol but… Make it special with a cake just for him. There are several great options for a dad-themed birthday cake.

Superhero Cake

Superheroes aren't just for kids - they are for every man and a very popular birthday cake. A cake with your favorite superhero theme is perfect for a 30th birthday party. You can choose from comics, movies, or TV superheroes - whatever is the celebrated one's favorite.

Some great options for superhero cakes are:

  • Superman

  • Batman

  • Iron Man

  • Spiderman

  • Avengers

  • Dr Who

  • Thor

All are great options. It's easy to figure out which one would make him the happiest.

40th Birthday Cakes for Men

40 is a difficult age for many men. It's a sign they are getting a little older and their tastes may have changed a bit. That's why it's important to find the perfect cake for them!

An interesting cake option for a 40th birthday party is the casino cake.

You can easily make a poker, blackjack, or roulette tabletop cake. If your man loves to gamble or just likes the look of casinos, this would be a great option.

Although your man isn’t quite midlife yet, 40 is a monumental birthday for many men. Poke fun at the milestone with a “game over” cake that’s themed around his favorite game (like Pac-Man, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, or some other game he is passionate about.

50th Birthday Cakes for Men

At 50, there are a few things that seldom disappoint. The first idea is a fun golf cake. As men age, they tend to get more into golf (go figure?)

Another option is the classic alcohol cake. 50th birthday cakes for men, however, tend to revolve around more civilized alcohol like whiskey, scotch, or vodka instead of the typical beer.

60th Birthday Cakes for Men

60 isn’t quite elderly - but it’s definitely over the hill! These 60th birthday cakes for men will make this (somewhat painful) birthday a little easier to take.

Again, we have the golf birthday cake. You just can't underestimate the importance of a good golf cake for men into their 50s and 60s.

There’s nothing like a round of golf to make the day special.

Choosing the Best Birthday Cakes for Men

There are all kinds of designs and styles you can choose from when you’re trying to find the best birthday cake for the man in your life.

Start by selecting his favorite flavor - does he like chocolate? Vanilla? Marble? After that, you can customize the cake design to his personality.

Create your design or choose one from the list above. Whatever you pick, you’re sure to create a memorable cake that your special guy remembers long after he’s finished eating it. We’re here to help you make the best decision for the man in your life.

Birthday Cake Recipes

Even though I make cakes for a living, I figure I'd throw in some popular birthday cake receipts from around the web. Make at your own risk!

The Classic Birthday Cake

Few desserts can match the joyous atmosphere of a traditional birthday cake for a festive occasion—and this simple technique is the only one you'll ever need. Two buttery, vanilla-forward white cake layers are sandwiched in classically rich buttercream frosting for our birthday cake recipe.

To achieve the distinctive, photo-perfect birthday cake look, we use a soft peak buttercream that's whipped and then chilled overnight for stability.

The Ruffle Cake

This cake has a few steps: gathering the supplies, crumb coating, chilling, and then ruffling and repeating some of the other steps. It's pretty in-depth for here, but feel free to go to the link and check out all the details.

Here are the supplies needed:

  • 4 (four) 8" round cakes, dyed in varying shades

  • 5-6 cups buttercream for crumb coat

  • 5 cups American buttercream, dyed in varying shades, about 1 cup per color

  • 5 large pastry bags

  • 5 couplers

  • 104 piping tip

  • Rotating cake stand

  • Cake board

  • Long and small offset spatulas

For several more options, check out this link.

If you'd like to have a delicious, beautiful cake you don't have to make, feel free to reach out to us here at Happy Cakes and we'll be happy to make it for you!

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