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Best Hand Mixer for Bread Dough: Get the Facts

one of the best hand mixer for bread dough

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Everyone loves a slice of homemade bread fresh from the oven, but only a few people understand the hard work that goes behind it. We are here to recommend the best hand mixer for bread dough, because if you are a baker or a home chef who prefers to make bread at home, then you might understand the pain that is caused by kneading bread dough by hand.

Many people resent the idea of making bread because of the kneading process. No doubt, bread making does require a lot of hard work, especially if you are making bigger batches. However, this problem can be solved easily if you buy a good quality hand mixer. A hand mixer is an extremely essential tool that is not only used for whipping cream anymore but can be used to knead the dough and mix different stuff as well.

Different companies release new hand mixers with more advanced technology every year, making it difficult to choose a hand mixer. It is essential to buy good quality and durable hand mixer as you don't buy it every other day. However, it can be even hard to select a hand mixer that is best for bread dough and other products as well.

Although you don't have to worry about finding the best hand mixers anymore because we are here to help you, we will discuss all the details of the best hand mixers for bread dough, and then you can easily select one that suits you.

Here is a quick overview on how to make bread dough with a hand mixer:

Here is the complete list of the best hand mixers for bread dough

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1. Cuisinart Hand Mixer

Cuisinart HM-90S power advantage hand mixer is a budget-friendly and durable hand mixer. This hand mixer comes with a smooth start feature that minimizes mess and splatter and keeps your kitchen clean.

One of the most amazing aspects of this hand mixer is that it features 9-speed settings so that you can mix all the ingredients finely. The speeds are visible through the led display on the machine and can be changed easily with a single touch.

The Cuisinart mixer comes with a Snap-on attachments box that can be easily fixed with the machine, making it easier for you to store extra accessories.

The mixer includes three different attachments, including dough hooks, beaters, and whisks. All the attachments are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily. The hand mixer comes with a free spatula and a recipe book.

This 220 watts powered hand mixer weighs only 4 pounds, and it is extremely easy to use. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, and it is available in only white color.

2. Black + Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer

If you are a baking enthusiast, then you must have heard about black+ decker kitchen appliances at some point in your life. Black+ decker is famous for its kitchen appliances, especially its hand mixers.

This brand has undoubtedly some of the best hand mixers at this price. It features five speeds alongside a turbo speed setting that mixes your ingredients perfectly. This mixer has a 250 watts motor which allows you to easily knead bread dough and mix cake batter.

The mixer comes with three attachments which include a pair of nylon coated beaters, a pair of dough hooks, and a whisk. It also has an auto-eject button that releases the attachments effortlessly.

It also includes a storage case that can be attached to the machine easily, and you can keep all your attachments in it. This hand mixer is available in more than eight colors which include purple, tangerine, lime green, black, red, teal, gray, and white.

It is a lightweight hand mixer that weighs only 3.2 pounds. Its red color is available on Amazon, and it is best for beginners. The price of this hand mixer varies with different colors.

3. Shardor Hand Mixer

Even though Shardor isn't as popular as other kitchen appliances manufacturing companies, it makes durable and powerful appliances. Shardor kitchen hand mixer comes with a total of 5 stainless-steel attachments which are bound to make your cooking experience a whole lot more fun!

It has 6-speed settings, including five normal speeds and a turbo speed setting. This feature allows you to mix stuffy batters of cookies and knead different types of bread doughs. The Shardor hand mixer is designed to sit perfectly on your counter without any disbalance.

The hand mixer also includes a storage box in which you can keep your necessary attachments. You can easily remove your attachments as well by pressing down the button on the top of the mixer.

Since its motor is powered by 350 watts, it can easily combine and knead dense mixtures like bread doughs. It is no doubt the most powerful hand mixer in its price range.

4. Utalent Electric Hand Mixer

The Utalent electric hand mixer is best for beginners or individuals who occasionally bake bread. This hand mixer features 5-speed settings and a turbo speed setting to accelerate the mixing or kneading process.

Another feature that makes this hand mixer unique is that you can change to different speeds with a single button.

It comes with three stainless-steel attachments that are all dishwasher safe. The attachments include a pair of dough hooks, a pair of beaters, and a whisk. The eject button allows removing the attachments with one click.

The Utalent electric hand mixer has a labor-saving design with which you can easily lean the mixer on the bowl to release tension from your hands. It also has an anti-slip handle which allows you to have a tighter grip on the mixer while you are working at high speeds.

It is only available in one color on Amazon. This hand mixer is extremely lightweight and travel-friendly as it only weighs 2.6 pounds. This amazing hand mixer is pocket-friendly too!

5. KitchenAid Mixer

We all can agree that KitchenAid's kitchen appliances are more expensive than other appliances. However, I think that their appliances are worth the money. Take a look at KitchenAid's hand mixers features and decide for yourself.

KitchenAid hand mixer features a 9-speed setting which allows you to combine your ingredients in the best way possible. All the different speeds are visible through the led display at the top of the mixer.

One of the greatest features of this hand mixer is that it enables you to lock the cord on any side of the mixer. With this feature, you can easily add ingredients into the bowl from the side too.

It also has a soft start feature that limits splatter and mess around the kitchen and keeps the working space clean. Its soft-grip handle provides a firm and comfortable hold of the mixer.

The KitchenAid hand mixer comes with four attachments which include a pair of stainless-steel turbo beaters, a pair of dough hooks, a blending rod, and a pro whisk. All of these attachments can be ejected with a button quickly.

It is available in 5 unique colors, and therefore is visually appealing to behold. The price of the stand mixer varies according to different colors.

6. Breville Hand Mixer

Breville hand mixer is the most advanced and most expensive hand mixer on the list. Its IQ technology allows the mixer to detect the attachment and works according to it

It comes with three different attachments: a pair of dough hooks, a pair of balloon whisks, and a pair of scraper beaters with rubber ends that maximize the contact with the ingredients and minimize noise.

A 240 watts motor powers the Breville hand mixer, and it has 9-speed settings. With these two features combined, you can knead dense or sticky bread doughs effortlessly. This hand mixer is perfect for a professional baker or someone who bakes often.

The speed is displayed on the top of the stand mixer alongside other buttons with which you can eject attachments, increase or decrease speed and switch on and off the mixer. The handle of this mixer is designed to provide a comfortable and pain-free kneading experience.

The mixer also includes a detachable storage case in which you can easily store other attachments safely. As it weighs only 4 pounds, you can work with it without any hassle.

7. Braun Electric Hand Mixer

The Braun electric hand mixer has been the most powerful and lightweight hand mixer until now. It is powered by a 350 watts motor which allows it to knead and mix ingredients finely.

It is built with smart mix technology with which the weight is shifted from your hands to the bowl, providing you with a comfortable experience. It also includes a storage bag in which you can keep your attachments safely.

This mixer is by far the best hand mixer for bread dough as it features a 9-speed setting and a turbo setting alongside a powerful motor. It can even knead thick and sturdy bread doughs without any difficulties.

It comes with two attachments which include a pair of dough hooks and a pair of whisks plus beater. This whisk plus beater attachment is made to minimize extra work as it mixes and beats the mixture at the same time. Both the attachments are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily.

This stand mixer also includes a handy chopper which is a weird but useful attachment. It can be attached to the mixer like any other attachment.

It comes with a 1-year warranty, and it is only available in black color.

8. DmofwHI Hand Mixer

The DmofwHI hand mixer is an unpopular yet durable hand mixer. It comes with six stainless-steel attachments, including two wired beaters, two dough hooks, and two whisks, and all of the attachments are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily.

It comes with a unique storage box in which you can store all the attachments vertically together along with the hand mixer. It even has a soft start feature through which you can slowly mix your ingredients without any splatter or mess.

This hand mixer is powered with a 300 watts motor and features 5-speed settings. You can switch between different speed settings and eject attachments with one click easily.

The handle of this hand mixer is round-shaped and extremely comfortable. The hand mixer is also lightweight and convenient to use as it only weighs 2.48 pounds. You can easily perform any task with this hand mixer.

Final Words

Since a hand mixer is an essential and everyday use tool, it is important to choose a hand mixer that suits you in every way. The right hand mixer will save you from severe pain, and it will make your life easier by kneading the bread and mixing the cake batter for you.

Although it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming to select a hand mixer when various companies keep launching new designs and advanced hand mixers every day.

That is why we picked out the best hand mixers and collected their price, colors, features, and motor size details, and presented them to you. You can go through the details of the different hand mixers that are given above and choose the right one for yourself.

Make sure to keep your budget and kitchen requirements in mind when you select a hand mixer or any other kitchen appliance, as it works to make life easier for you.

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